What are Virtual And Physical Prototype

Virtual - Physical PrototypeAlthough development of concepts and techniques for Internet-based academic study and education may be traced back to the 1960s, only in the last decade concepts i.e. Internet of Things, AmI, and ubicomp have introduced.

This is not only a technological but also a abstract and methodological paradigm shift that implies a general penetration of Internet-based concepts and tools into academic education and research as well as into everyday life activities also.

In this context, Hyper body has been developing in the last decade hardware- and software- prototypes for Internet-supported  education and research, which were tested in realistic experiments implemented mainly in worldwide workshops.

Thus, here we discuses Hyper body’s past, present and future development and use of software tool and hardware applications for effective academic educational study in urban design.

Concepts and Tools: –

The establishment of the Internet and the development of interactive learning environments permitted universities to give qualified graduate programs through online courses. While the virtual server and physical interaction was alienated in parallel educational programs, in the last decade and methodological paradigm shift obvioused in the blur of boundaries between physical and virtual and the constant mixing of Internet-based concepts and tools into the academic everyday life.


computing refers to the addition of information processing into everyday objects and activities, while the International Perspectives of Distance Learning in Higher Education of Things involves of exclusively identifiable (tagged) objects and their effective symbols inventoried and connected in an Internet-like structure.

Methodologies and processes: –

Internet-based academic education and research were centering on education methodologies and applied processes for instructors, students and researchers, who are separated by time and distance, or both. The requirement for synchronous communication for members, who are virtually present simultaneously while they are physically remotely located, would be executed via timely synchronous videoconferencing and live streaming, telephone, and web-based VoIP. Contesters would access educational research resources on their own timetable, as well as converse by means of asynchronous information swap for example E-mail correspondence, message exchange (forums), audio-video recording and replay.

Another sophisticated method would include online three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds offering synchronous and asynchronous interaction as well as teamwork.

3D gaming environments inspired, in the last decade, researchers from several disciplines to build up computer-supported joint environments like Protospace in which problem-based studying and researching is executed. This allows physically and virtually present students and researchers to examine and solve problems by working in teams, in which participants recognize what they know, what they have to identify, and learn how to bridge the separation between the two by penetrating and accessing information from worldwide obtainable databases that may guide to finding solutions.

Applications in education and research

Hyperbody has been developing in the last decade Internet-supported applications for educational learning and research by employing interactive 3D game technology. As an Internet-based, multi-user game atmosphere, Protospace facilitates real-time shared architectural and town design and has been tested in graduate learning and research as well as the Internet-based postgraduate program, E-Archidoct, that was provided in partnership with universities.

Software and hardware prototypes

CNC machines permitting for CAD-CAM making of 1:1 or scaled architectural prototypes, Protospace incorporates Virtual Reality hardware and software prototypes allowing executation of specific tasks such as geometrical and behavioral manipulation.

Multi-user (3D) games

As one of the most relevant applications of Protospace, Virtools permits expansion of Internet-supported, multi-user (3D) games. Such games have a key purpose other than entertainment as they are designed for the reason of solving an architectural or town design problem. They are easy to get to via a game line on the Internet by multiple users that can interact with the virtual environment in real-time.


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Facts on Virtual Private Servers

The reason for choosing Virtual Private Servers

The good thing about these servers is that they are equipped with all the latest features that a medium or small sized business could use for their benefit. So you see that an expanding business house can go in for this server without any hesitation and can utilize the technology to the fullest. A good hosting company will use good virtualization software that will allow the server to perform just like a powerful dedicated server.

Virtual Private Servers

The benefits of Virtual private servers

Let us now take a look at the advantages that you will enjoy while using Virtual Private Servers.

Sophisticated Servers: VPS are very much dependant on servers that use state of the art technology; this actually permits a single physical server to perform just like a dedicated server. This basically means that each VPS will have all the characteristics of a physical server. Full customizability, security, sizeable memory and huge disk space are some of the features that are worth taking notice. Many good hosting companies provide VPS with quad core processors. These processors ensure high performance thus reducing any lag between input and the execution.

Technological brilliance: A good VPS hosting account will have a good RAM. This will help you get quick response from the server. Certain service providers combine drives and raid cards to provide trouble free performance. This also eliminates the chances of any problems related to Disk I/O.

High Flexibility: There are many VPS service providers that will provide you with different operating services. There is no doubt that this will give you high levels of flexibility. Certain VPS also come with certain control panels like direct Admin, Plesk and Cpanel. You have the liberty to select the type of control panel that will suit your requirement.

Outstanding Features: Easy setup and ease of use are some of the features that have made Virtual Private Servers very popular with people. Customer support, quick setup and instant activation are some of the features that you should look for. Good VPS servers will offer you the best level of security that money can buy. You will come across many companies that will even give you back your money in case you are not happy with the performance. Before you hire the services of a hosting company make sure you do a lot of research on various companies. You must use the internet to read the various reviews; compare the prices and the services offered by each of the companies.

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What are the major benefits of Virtual private servers?

Virtual private servers are mainly chosen by most of the business concerns due to higher security issues. Malwares are being prevented by these kinds of servers so that web hosting can be protected. On the other hand, you can also utilize webmasters for getting protective hosting of your website. Different kinds of technical complexities can be easily avoided as a result of the same.

If you are seeking for the benefits of virtual private servers, then you can definitely check out the available reviews online. You can get advanced forms of security especially regarding web-hosting if you use this server and it is far better in comparison to dedicated servers. You can also all the primary facilities so that your site can be improved and e-commerce features can be added to the same. You will never face any risk relating to shared server and you can get absolutely uninterrupted technical especially hosting services.

Virtual Private Servers

Why to use VPS system?

  • Increased security regarding web hosting is one of the primary benefits that can be gained by having Virtual private servers.
  • Different e-commerce features are to be added to the websites as a result of which improved navigation can be gained and on the other hand loading time can be reduced. This is the reason that the number of visits to your site can be increased on a rapid basis.
  • No hosting limits are there and thus you can get enough facilities. Unlimited space can be highly enjoyed as a result of which you can decorate your WebPages in your own way without paying any additional charges.
  • Greater bandwidth is a great thing that is required for getting smooth and inconvenient navigation and it also speeds up the loading time.
  • Server can be easily managed at lower costs and thus you can save a great deal of cost.
  • You can now get absolutely flexible hosting packages and thus you can easily make selection of the perfect one that can fulfill your respective needs or requirements.
  • Enough data can be stored and you do not require worrying about the hacking or impermissible access of the same as high-graded security system is being provided by the server.
  • You can easily customize the settings of the servers so that your ultimate goals can be achieved without any hindrances.
  • The control-panel provided by the server is very much user-friendly in nature and this is the reason that all your tasks can be quickly and easily done without any unwanted hindrances. You can now get the facility of changing or updating different details in your site at any point of time.
  • Different web applications are also being protected and managed in a proper way by this kind of protected server. The server is quite independent and thus you can host different types of websites by using the unlimited space.
  • Guaranteed hosting services are being provided along with different kinds of potential economic solutions. These economic solutions are quite useful for maintaining the overall growth, productivity and financial condition of the business concerns.

If you are intending to have greater progress in your business, then you must opt for VPS as the sole choice. By using this hosting server, you can also be able to save your money as you do not require changing the same again and gain.

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The benefits of Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers is also referred to as VPS, in this technique the primary server is divided into multiple servers. Each of the servers within the primary server has its very own operating software. The good part is that they have the capability to perform independent operation in the system and they are backed by the right hardware resources to back them.

As a user by availing Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting you can enjoy a high level of flexibility and a lot of customization that will help to manage the resources. This is a huge advantage over the dedicated server.

The advantages of Virtual Private Servers

  • The cost associated with using VPS is much less when you compare it with the other servers. This is only possible because it gets dedicated server fraction. This is much more affordable than a dedicated server.
  • The segregation is yet another benefit of using VPS as it makes sure that all the servers are handled individually even if they use a common platform. Customization of one particular server will not affect the functioning of the other servers.
  • When resources such as CPU and RAM are used properly the performance of the VPS increases quite a bit. In fact if you compare the performance with a shared hosting you will notice a substantial improvement. The virtualization works really well for both medium and small sized businesses.
  • You will enjoy a high level of security as all the websites use their own operating software and resources so this will make it difficult for external threats to penetrate through your systems.
  • The plans offered under Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting are customized to cater to the customer’s needs. This means that a customer only pays for the exact number of services that he will avail.
  • The various hosting plans are scalable at any time. This basically means that you will have the ability to start with the lowest resources and as time goes by you have the option of adding more.
  • With this server type you will have total control over the entire operation; something that is missing in dedicated server.
  • You are given the option of selection of looking after the semi managed servers; but it totally depends on the kind of requirements of your website.
  • You will also enjoy a lot of support when it comes to understanding the technical aspects of hosting. The support is very strong as compared to the shared servers.
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Virtual Private Servers – Making a Difference to your Business

To define in simple terms, Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be termed as a simulation of hardware done by host operating system to facilitate running of another operating system on it. In technical terms, it means that a web hosting company has the option to host multiple “Virtual” servers on single “host” server.

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting has set a new benchmark for businesses. Herein each virtual server is absolutely isolated from Private others and enables easy access to hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space and Network throughput are managed by “host” server.

VPS alternative is now days widely chosen by small businesses that is open to be customized. Such server hosting is especially inclined to those who cannot afford a dedicated server. This is therefore a useful aspect of VPS technology that endows the option to maintain multiple virtual servers with absolute ease. It sets a business independent to manage the entire functioning on its own.

Virtual Private Servers

Most of Virtual Private Server plans are hosted on Linux or FreeBSD. For a company planning to take up any such service plan, need to assess the suitability as per the type of business run. The key attribute of any VPS hosting plan is that it fills the gap between entry level web hosting by offering a wide range of specific services. It aims at overcoming the limitation of limited disk space available on a shared server.

The hosting software dedicated for each VPS includes a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program, Web Server Program, a mail server program along with specialized applications to streamline the activities such as blogging and e-commerce. Another suitable option for web hosting is the dedicated (or managed) hosting, which is comparatively cheaper. As the name indicates, a dedicated server to meet the needs of VPS hosting plans that offer the below listed advantages:

  • Virtual Private Servers enable root access which further ensures the ability to install and configure programs that a business wants. In case one wants to run PHP with PostgreSQL such as MySQL, it can be simply done.
  • Businesses that wish to host a range of other services, such as an FTP server, mail server, or others types of server they want
  • The services also endow the opportunity to host numerous websites through Apache’s Virtual Hosts
  • The server can also be used for file storage, backup, or anything you need

 With Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting a number of virtualization technologies become really possible. It facilitates the complete control and enables installing any program that a business owner wants, and do anything they choose. It also enables configuration and implementation under the complete control of business owners. The service is set so customize that the businesses need to simply specify which disk image is required, and the same is configured on the VPS in a few seconds. Customize your server and avail the freedom of installing new software as you desire!

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Virtual Private Servers – Usage and Advantages

Businesses are turning more advanced as the needs are getting complex with each undertaking. With this, the speed of work along with the facility of functioning on multiple applications simultaneously is dream come true with Virtual Private Servers (VPS).Virtual Private Servers

This extremely functional and promising web hosting server utilizes virtualization software that further divides physical servers into multiple “virtual” servers. Every divided section features ability to run its individual operating system and related applications. Virtual Private Servers are becoming the top most hosting preferences especially for the web developers as they gain access to root of the server to run their software freely.vps

Businesses demand private server space that can offer flexibility to make changes in order to seek exceptional growth potential.

Why Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual Private Servers are extraordinary alternatives in case a website outgrows the space online. It is most suitable to be deployed in an environment where multiple high-traffic websites run at once. VPS renders the below given benefits:

–  It is apt to be used where bandwidth usage is high and websites slow down on performance.

– VPs provide that added flexibility and resources to run multiple applications without halt.

– Unlike shared hosting where website growth is limited, VPS facilitates add-on resources such as disk space, bandwidth, etc. Hence, the online platforms functional smoothly without getting affected by the bandwidth usage and traffic flow of other websites existing on the same server.

– VPS Hosting does not permit sharing resources where a user has to work within the defined memory and bandwidth allocations in a virtual environment.

– It is a perfect solution for firms that wish to add a list of features to a dedicated server but lack the resources to physically host, hold up and sustain the server hardware.

– VPS can also be used for file storage or back-up data

VPS is a brilliant option if you seek customization of your web hosting server. Users are give complete control to install and delete software, create accounts, set permissions, and decide the customized server environment without being concerned about physical server security.

The operating environment is set absolutely secure and protected wherein VPS can be easily restarted or stopped independently. Also, it is easy to carry on any sort of website development work due easy switch mode between virtual servers. This way, users can protect and maintain website online visibility.

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Windows vs Linux VPS: The Best Platform for Your Next Project

Trying to decide which operating system you’ll make use of for your VPS development purposes isn’t an easy feat, and a lot of use whom need a VPS for development purposes actually don’t know where to begin. Everybody is going to have their own preferences, there’s no two people that are going to be the exact same when it comes to requirements and that’s understandable. This means that one operating system is going to be a better choice for some, while others would still be ideal for a bunch of other individuals. Windows is one of those operating systems that a lot of people are already familiar with because it’s very common on household computers, but when it comes to developing there are certain things you should look out for.

If you’ve been developing your projects with a computer running Windows for a few years now it just wouldn’t make sense to switch it up now, and that goes the same for Linux. Now with each operating system comes an abundance of different programs and software, all of which are going to make the developmental process much easier than it would traditionally be. This is a clear cut statement because everybody who uses a VPS has them incorporated because of the power and ease of access they have to offer, especially since the developmental industry is one that is somewhat competitive. The more projects you can handle the better, and it’s an even better position to be in when you can handle the projects in a timely manner.

So What’s The Main Difference?

The main difference is the programs being used to write code and other things like that, as well as how the VPS is going to operate in general. A VPS is only going to be as good as the components that make it up, so you’ll need to look into the physical specs of the VPS (as opposed to just the operating system). Windows is my operating system of choice, but that’s essentially because I have the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. There are going to be people out there that want to test out a new operating system for their VPS, and that’s completely fine, the only thing is that the learning curve might play a part in how well you’re able to handle things.

Look up the different VPS’s online that have various operating systems and you’ll understand where I’m coming from, especially if you haven’t decided on which operating system you want to make use of yet. I would recommend that you check out a few online review sites and even some VPS forums (which are more than likely going to be web hosting server forums over everything else) because the users there are usually filled with knowledge on the topic. It doesn’t have to be that hard when you want to decide between two operating systems, seriously!

I recommend checking out Linux VPS Hosting from VPS Ace and Windows VPS Hosting from the Cheapest Windows VPS company available.

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Why SSD Hard Drives Are Better for VPS Hosting

Speed is always a necessity when you’re working with a VPS, and the use of a SSD (Solid State Drive) within your physical VPS construct is going to speed up just about every aspect that it covers. When you make use of SATA drives you’ll notice that the performance is alot slower than it would be with the use of an SSD, and that’s because you have the ability to read and write data at a faster rate with an SSD. If you have sites or projects that have a dynamic array of content within them than you’ll more than likely want to use an SDD-based VPS, as it will improve the quality of your sites and services in every aspect.

SSD VPS’s are going to resonate if you decide to implement SSD’s of your own, and you’ve more than likely been to a website that hasn’t used SSD’s for their Cheap VPS. The data loads slower and the entire process all around is sluggish, but that’s easily fixed! The cost is a drawback and that usually turns people away from the product, but it seems like there has been some light shed on the topic as of recent, as sales regarding SSD’s are increasing. You could call it a trend, but I like to think that it’s people (and even companies) realizing that if they want to keep being competitive there needs to be changes. A VPS is only as good as the creator allows it to be, so equip it with the hardware that’s going to blow your competitors out of the water. Stability is an asset that most hard drives don’t provide, but that isn’t the case with an SSD.

SSD’s are incredibly quiet and stable, they don’t have any components inside of them that move around, which also means you aren’t going to have to replace a broken hard drive as often as you would with an HDD. They’re durable and have long life-spans when it comes to handling what needs to be handled, and they’re even said to fail at a lesser rate than other drives. Getting into the technical details of the speed provided by an SSD might sound boring, but expedited rebooting and retrieving data with a minimal amount of latency should intrigue even the most clueless of system administrators.

They don’t use as much power either, and I know first-hand how expensive it can be to run a data center once the utility bill comes in. Cutting back on the cost of power is going to leave you more room in the budget, and you might even be able to afford another SSD or two to use! The minimal heat output is also quite nice too, because heat is something that can potential damage your datacenter and put more than a few projects at risk. I know risk and reward is supposed to be a common statement when it comes to business, but SSD’s drive a pretty hard bargain!

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Open Source Windows Web Control Panel Alternative to Plesk has done tremendous things for me personally, so it only felt right to give it my blessings on a random blog. When something like this is released in an open source format you really get to see what the developers around the world are able to come up with. Technology is supposed to expand and expand, and when something like a Windows web control panel comes out in an open source format there’s bound to be something extravagant in the works. It lets people know that the community isn’t overlooked when it was being created, and that’s always going to leave a fuzzy feeling in the deepest part of your belly! The features are nearly endless on, and each one is just as powerful as the next. I’m not one to read through a whole article dedicated to the features and details of tech (but they can be pretty nice to look at from time to time), so putting one together isn’t exactly going to be my forte. I’ll walk you through the various features of the website, but that’s only because I’m such a nice guy (and I actually use the website a lot).

If you’re going to be using a Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) you’d want to host this application, because it’s efficient enough to handle the workload with speed and precision. The use of WHMCS modules would benefit from the use of this web-based control panel as well, and we all know that a Windows VPS that has bene properly set-up is the one thing you’ll need when providing a web hosting service. The market for web hosting services out there is larger than life itself (not really, but you catch my drift), so thinking that it’s too saturated to get into the mix is just idiotic! Get a backbone and start making some money with the use of this online control panel, and its WHMCS modules (which is where automated setup ordering is managed).

I may just be a simple tech blogger, but my opinion should hold a bit of merit. I’d like to think that everything I put out there is able to make my readers more aware, and even if it only reaches one or two people my job will have been done as I intended. The automation of processes is beneficial is many different ways, and if you want to have “point and click control” over Windows VPS server applications there’s no other site to use. Growing a business takes the proper mindset and the proper tools, and this is just another one of the tools that you can know (and love) till your heart’s content. You’ll save money when it comes to the management of your entire system (as well as time), and the deployment process is as easy at “1-2-3”. It’s one interface that allows you to control absolutely everything about your server applications, and control could never be replaced by anything.


You see, this is the beautiful part about it all, because it’s completely free. The licensing fees that you’re usually facing aren’t there anymore, and the system administrator that’s always worried about finances is going to realize that this is the right place to be. You’ll be able to offer competitive prices to your clients, and you’ll be able to grow your business without having to worry about financial restraints holding you back. It might be a bit excessive to say this, but what happens when you’re down to eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches? I was never the type of person who could put together a joke, but at least I know what’s good for your server when it comes to web-based control panels! is truly a diamond in the rough, it’s one of the most useful web-based control panels I’ve ever seen throughout my years in system administration. Worrying about the management of your server and the applications within takes a toll on your mind (and in drastic cases your body), and there’s no need to worry about a thing with

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Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting: The Do’s and Don’ts

More and more people are becoming interested when it comes to Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting, but most people are getting into the entire situation without being informed of the necessary information. To put it into simpler terms, most people have absolutely no idea what they should be looking for when they’re trying to find the perfect VPS for themselves. When you don’t keep yourself informed of the traits you should be looking out for you’re going to put yourself in a bad position to succeed, and that’s somewhere you really want to be (unless that’s the sort of thing you’re into). This article will list the do’s (as well as the don’ts) that are associated with picking the VPS service to work with, and it’s more important of a task than you might initially think. If you don’t look at the do’s and don’ts and apply them to your search accordingly you aren’t going to get the best available choice on the market, and that’s like settling for a bowl of peas when you can get the entire steak instead.

Make a checklist and go through it according to these tips and tricks, we can almost guarantee that it’s going to help you in one way or another.

Operating System

Make sure you’re aware of what operating system you want to make use of when it comes to your VPS, because the virtualized operating systems that are used throughout the process can save you a pretty penny. Money is obviously crucial in the online industry, so saving money is always a plus.

Make Use of SSD Hard-Drives

An SSD hard-drive (which is an acronym for “solid-state drive”) is a very useful piece of technology when it comes to a VPS, mainly because it allows for the server to become increasingly efficient. Efficiency and speed is one of the things you wouldn’t trade for the world when you’re dealing with a VPS, so making use of physical SSD’s to increase the “power of the engine” (so to speak) is pretty ideal here.

Find an Affordable Rate

There’s always going to be those companies out there that make a living through overprices goods, and VPS services are no exception. Do a bit of reading up regarding any potential VPS services you come across so that you’re aware of their reputation, there’s no point in paying good money towards a company that has a terrible reputation online (because the odds that the reputation wasn’t earned rightfully are pretty slim).

Don’t Rush the Searching Process

There’s going to be times where you honestly feel like you’ve found the best deal you can find, but this is where most people are wrong. The VPS industry is so broad that many companies compete with each other to the point where rates are as measly as they can be. Find the right company and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without such a high-quality (yet affordable) VPS service so far.

These are only a few regulated tips that should help even the most average of persons manage a VPS, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t more stuff to be learned. The topic of VPS is quite broad, and as a result there are many different things to learn about it (so you can expect to be visiting this blog quite often!).

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